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- Canadian Special Events Expo 2014

While we love serving up food on the streets of Toronto to the public at large, every once in a while we get the opportunity to rub shoulders with folks in the event industry and offer them a few tasty selections from our menu.
On March 26 we drove the Per Se Mobile food truck into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 2014 Canadian Special Events Expo. And yes, we drove into the Convention Centre. We didn’t park the truck outside; we actually got the whole thing inside the building, which was pretty cool in itself.
Once inside, we got to work preparing some treats that event attendees could easily munch on the go. Instead of using standard toothpicks for the hors d’oeuvres, we decided to serve up some of our samples in Chinese spoons. The spoons added a little extra sophistication, and more importantly, made the food easier to handle!
Our upside-down red velvet cupcakes were a hit for people looking for a quick sugar fix. And it’s understandable why a few of the event’s attendees needed a little pick-me-up from time to time – there were plenty of interesting displays to see. From a psychedelic lounge area set up by Stardust Events to the soothing sounds of a string quartet provided by Scotia Entertainment, it was a wonderful setup.
And of course we can’t forget the incredibly talented and well-balanced stilt walkers who were… let’s just say… a challenge to serve from our comparatively undersized food truck!


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