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- Digifest 2014

What do 3D printers, Google glass, and Per Se’s shrimp tacos have in common? They were all a part of Digifest 2014, Canada’s premiere digital festival, which took place at the Corus Building on the Toronto waterfront.

The three-day festival brought together technological designers, students, experts, and industry leaders for a series of discussions, installations, and demonstrations. It was remarkable to see all of the incredible inventions on hand, from helicopters controlled by body gestures to a 3D simulation that challenged users to navigate their way around a virtual district of Paris.


A large part of the festival was focused on how digital innovations will impact the lives of people living in cities. We were particularly interested in the clean tech panel discussion, which explained how technology could help manage energy use in cities.


While none of our dishes were forged from a 3D printer (and that’s probably a good thing), we did get into the spirit of Digifest and communicated with our food truck’s patrons via social media. We put out information on our location, and we received feedback on our food through Twitter minutes after serving it. Such is the nature of our time.


It turned out to be a wonderful weekend down at the Toronto waterfront, and we were proud to be a part of this year’s Digifest. But until some inventive people come up with a way to create digital pork sausage sandwiches, we’ll stick to our good old ovens and stovetops.


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