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PerSe Mobile

Per Se Mobile

When you need an entertaining and memorable twist to your corporate event or private function, call the Per Se Mobile Food Truck! Take your next event to trendy, new heights with our delicious innovative menu items, along with lively and professional staff to dish it all out.

Whether it's a cocktail party, staff reception, or a product launch, Per Se Mobile will bring the party to you!

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411 richmond st east unit#3 toronto, ON M5A 3S5

Tel. 416.807.8945


  • Short Rib Sandwich

    Slow-cooked Short Ribs, topped with Pickled Red Onions, Arugula & home made Chipotle.

    Price $10.00
  • Pork Sausage Sandwich

    Cheese Melt on a flat top, over home made Sausage, with Fennel Seed, Orange Zest, Arugula and Maple.

    Price $9.00
  • Grilled Shrimp Taco

    Tiger Shrimp on top of fresh Corn Tortillas, smothered with fresh Guacamole, under a Pico De Gallo Salsa (diced fresh vine Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Red Onions & Cilantro)
    PRICE: (2) $7.00 or (3) $9.00

  • Jerk Chicken Sandwich

    Marinated for 3 days with original Caribbean spices, and served with Roasted Sweet Potato coins and a home made Mint and Yogurt Sauce

    Price $9.00
  • Raw Sugar Cane Lemonade

    Made with real Panela (whole cane sugar) served in a 16oz cup with a lime and ice!

    Price $4.00

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    Just to say a very big “Thank You” for the excellent food and service at our party on the weekend.

    We were thrilled and our guests were extremely happy.

    Our special thanks to Camilo, and also special thanks to Kendrick who was superb and went way and beyond to help in every little way he could to make the party enjoyable for all.

    Thank you Michelle for introducing Per Se to Schonali.

    Kind regards,



  • WCH

    Hi William,


    Just wanted to say thank you again for another year of amazing service and amazing staff. Everything was great and we had a lot of fun. We look forward to working with you in the future again J




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